Windy’s Whip & Drizzle

Owner: Windy Snook
Phone: 208-957-0039

We have snacks, drinks and most especially baked goods. Always fresh, always homemade!

@Windy’s Whip and Drizzle


A Sample of our Menu

Irish Nacho: Full plate of crunchy potato chips covered with your choice of BBQ pulled pork or BBQ pulled chicken breast then cheddar cheese poured on, topped with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sour cream & kick it up with jalapenos.

Fries: Grilled cheese Nachos. White corn tortilla chips with nacho cheese and jalapenos.

Hot Dog 

Chili Beans Nachos,  Fries, or Dog Homemade chucky chili beans on your choice of nachos, fries or hot dog with nacho cheese on top.

Hamburger: Juicy Quarter pound burger with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, you pick the condiments. Mayo, mustard, catsup, relish.  Add bacon or make it a double.

Add fries or side salad and a soda to any main dish

BBQ Sandwich: BBQ Chicken  or  BBQ pork your choice, both meats are slowed cooked to tender perfection then marinated in yummy BBQ sauce and severed on a bun.

Side Salad 

Chips   A variety of 2 oz. bags of chips.


Soda 12 oz.

ZipFizz Energy drink

Energy Drink   Grape, Fruit Punch or Orange

Ice Cream  A variety of ice cream sandwiches, drum sticks, and pops.


Sandwich Biscuit or English muffin with eggs, cheese, and choice of sausage or bacon.

Breakfast Burrito  Hash browns, fluffy eggs, cheese and pork sausage or bacon rolled in a flour tortilla.

Fruit Cups

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