Wepa – Puerto Rican Cuisine

Art Robinson
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While we await for the perfect location, we offer a full food catering service.  Providing Authentic Puerto Rican cuisine to Boise and the Treasure Valley with a social conscience, giving back to the island of Puerto Rico


Wepa! Is a Shout of Joy and Celebration in Puerto Rico and what we aim to have our guests shout as they enjoy the fine cuisine of the crown jewel of the Caribbean.

We welcome you to Boise’s only Puerto Rican food paradise, greeted by upbeat Latin music and décor with beaches, tropical rain forests and the vast diversity and vibrant culture of Puerto Rico’s history. Influences from a mix of Spanish, Taino Indian and Afro-Caribbean influences will fill the air with the aroma of Cocina Criolla with an emphasis on Puerto Rican spices and herbs.

A portion of our profits will be donated back to Puerto Rican relief efforts as it continues to recover from Hurricane Maria. We invite our guests to join in these relief efforts.

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