The Tony Cannoli

Owner: Tony Curcuru
Specialty:  Fresh Italian cannoli pastries
Phone: 208-923-1073


My name is Tony and I bring a little bit of Italy to any event or party with my cannoli cart!  I learned to make these treats the traditional way from relatives in Sicily- everything is made from scratch using local ingredients.
At my cart, guests can select their preferred filling and garnishes and watch as I make their pastry dessert before their eyes.  Great at breakfast time with coffee, dessert, or simply a unique treat!
My cart is great outdoors, but can easily roll through double doors into an event space.

What are authentic cannoli?

Cannoli are a well-known pastry dessert that hail from the island of Sicily.  The people of Sicily have been enjoying this sweet treat for hundreds of years.  Though many variations of cannoli exist throughout the world, traditionally they are a crispy, tube-shaped pastry shell generously stuffed with a perfectly sweet, smooth, and creamy ricotta cream, garnished with fruit, nuts, or chocolate, and dusted with powdered sugar.  Tony’s Cannoli’s are proudly made from scratch using an authentic and traditional Sicilian recipe!

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